There’s nothing more promising than the start of a new year. And what better way to kick off 2017 than by tackling one of these painting projects around or outside of your home?

Touch Up Trim Work, Door and Window Frames

Trim and doors have to hold up against a lot of bumps and abuse throughout the year. Over time they can start looking tired and worn down. Keep your home looking its best by wiping down trim and doors with a damp cloth. Once dry touch up any spots with a good quality brush and paint.

Brighten Up Your Closets!

Closets have a tendency to become dark, cluttered dumping grounds for all the odds and ends in your home. One way you can get the year off to a great start is by giving them a good cleaning. Start by emptying the closet out completely, and donate or dispose of any items that are no longer used. Next, get ready to brighten your closet up with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color. If you prefer classic white, select a glossier finish to help protect walls from scuffs and scrapes.

Update a Room or Exterior with a New Color

Little improvements can be nice, but sometimes what you really need is a big change to kick the new year off right. If you’ve been longing for a cozy, new bedroom or an inviting living room, the colder months are a great time to tackle a makeover. After all, you’ll be spending a lot more time inside now that it is winter. What better way to enjoy it than in a beautifully redecorated room or freshly painted house or backyard shed?

Give Cabinets a Fresh Look

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a time-consuming project, but worthwhile and less expense compared to a complete kitchen overhaul. In addition, painting your bathroom vanity is a quick project that should only take a few hours over a day or two to complete. If your bathroom also has a medicine cabinet that has seen better days, you can give it a fresh coat of paint in a coordinating color while you’re at it.

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