Speaking with your teenage son or daughter can be a challenge, but asking them whether they want a new color for their bedroom can be easier. When discussing bedroom paint colors for your teen’s room, ask them to pick colors they’re going to want to stick with, colors they don’t mind seeing day in and day out. Here are some ideas about what to expect and what suggestions you might make.

Colors for Teenage Boys



There are countless shades of blue for your teen boy to pick. Depending on his mood or style, he could go for a darker or lighter shade, a muted color or even a bright one. A blue room goes well with white accents, or perhaps a darker blue with lighter blue accents.

Gray, Brown or Beige

Boys’ rooms in grays, warm browns or beiges can be stylish for any teen. Featuring bright accent colors like orange, green or blue to liven up the room or add a layer of dimension.



A mostly black and white room with a few pops of orange or green decorations may appeal to your teen boy. Have him consider a diagonal accent wall with grays to give an artistic element to the room.

Sports Team

Your teenage boy may want his favorite sports team’s colors to surround his personal space. Painting it will transform his room into a fun and inviting place to study and hang out with friends.

Colors for Teenage Girls



Pink for a girl’s room is traditional, but choosing a different shade of pink can prevent it from looking babyish or little girlish. HAve her think about salmon, which goes well with crisp white trims, crown molding or decorative pieces. Coral is also a feminine yet grown up shade of pink to surround her sanctuary. You can also pair the pink with a light green color, such as pistachio or sage.


Once a color symbolic of royalty, purple can now be the main color of your teenage girl’s boudoir, evoking sophistication. A purple room can be paired with other colors, such as a pink, white, or black to give a unique and contemporary look. Mix it up with accents in white or a different pastel shade like lavender. You can also include furniture based on a similar color scheme or choose other colors such as black, white, or pink.


Liven up your teen daughter’s room with an accent wall with stripes or geometric shapes in different bright colors. This wall paint design won’t overpower the space and the simple pattern manages to give off a cheerful vibe.

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