With the new year upon us, you might be kicking around some home improvement thoughts and looking outdoors. We understand; with the winter cabin fever comes a deep desire to get back outside. Perhaps your list of exterior painting projects is short and sweet, or maybe you have several pages of painting ideas.

No matter how long your list, we have a list of our own to share with you that may bring the temperature of your spring fever down a few degrees. Check out these five exterior paint ideas and painting tips ranging from choosing paint colors to creating an outdoor oasis on your deck or patio.

Exterior Overhaul
When it comes to outdoor painting projects, nothing is more overwhelming, yet more important, than a new coat of exterior house paint to protect your home’s exterior. If chipping, cracking and fading indicate that this is your year to paint, do not wait until the temperature rises and our painters are booked up. If you are having trouble deciding between exterior color schemes, our design center would be happy to help.

Front Door Do-Over
If the body of your home’s exterior is in good shape, but you find yourself longing for a fresh new color, consider a new paint color for your front door. Using a bright or bold exterior paint on your door can enhance the curb appeal of your New Jersey home and will make your door the focal point it was designed to be.

Shutter Swap
Does your home have shutters? If the color or style of your home’s shutters do not match the design and architecture of your home, repainting or replacing them will go a long way in boosting the curb appeal of your home. Be sure to use an exterior paint color that jives with the existing colors of your siding, brick and woodwork.

Tidy Your Trim
Wood trim needs to be regularly repainted to keep it protected. Updating your trim also allows it to frame your Princeton or Bordentown, NJ home with the aesthetic charm it deserves. You can stick with your existing exterior paint color or go in a new direction by trying new exterior color schemes. If you check out some of your neighborhood’s most stunning homes, you may notice they are going beyond classic white on their exterior trim and fascia.

For help tackling your 2017 painting projects in New Jersey, contact Olympic Painting Company today!

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