While the northeast is recovering from wind, ice, freezing rain and the winter elements, homeowners with cabin fever are already looking forward to spring and tackling some needed home improvement projects. But while there are tons of walls and surfaces that could use a fresh coat of paint or stain, what are the top 10 most common home painting projects for spring? Here’s our list of the top home painting projects for New Jersey and Pennsylvania!

1. Ceilings

Often ignored and always under-appreciated, ceilings are a great place to start painting. Not only do they collect more dust and cobwebs than you’d expect, but if you have a fireplace or woodburning stove, ceilings can often be discolored by smoke.

2. Window Casings & Exterior Shutters

Window casings and shutters get a the majority of their workout during spring and summer months, making early spring an ideal time to spruce them up! Especially for residents of the Jersey Shore, adding a bright new color can easily brighten up a room.

3. Fireplace Mantles

One place that’s often overlooked to add a touch of elegance or flair is a fireplace mantle. Whether you’d like to add color or a fresh coat of stain, Olympic Painting Company can help.

4. Trim Work

Touch up the trim on your exterior or interior to help give edging new life.

5. Interior & Exterior Doors

We all know doors are almost constantly used, year-round both interior and exterior

6. Bookcases

Custom built bookcases aren’t always the most easy to work with but are a great idea to fix up!

7. Accent Walls

Whether you want to highlight a specific design feature (think: a salon wall) or just want to add bold color to your home without a huge commitment, an accent wall adds a unique, dramatic design element. Choose one color, or pick a fun pattern, like polka dots or an ombre design.

8. Radiators

Radiators can be a tricky thing to paint for DIYers for one big reason: they get really REALLY hot. But, with the appropriate paint or professional assistance, a coat of paint is all it takes to make an ancient radiator look like new.

9. Baseboards & Crown Moulding

The key to painting this woodwork is to ensure that protective tape is accurately masking any adjacent areas. This can be incredibly intimidating, which is why if you have any bigger painting projects, it’s always worth asking if this can be rolled into another job.

10. Mailboxes

Add serious curb appeal by fixing up your mailbox. If it\’s looking a little weather-worn or isn\’t standing straight, a few quick and easy fixes will ensure you\’re giving off a positive first impression to passers-by. Replace the stand or have a professional repaint the box with a fresh, vivid coat. If it\’s damaged beyond repair, buy a new mailbox and start fresh.

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